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Sweet Family of Four {Alamo Lifestyle Photographer}
Sunday, July 16, 2017
Sweet Family of Four {Alamo Lifestyle Photographer}

Twins.  Twice the blessing at one time.  These two were absolutely adorable together.  I loved watching them snuggle together and even hold hands while they were in the same crib.  I had that fun of watching them be serious, smile, fuss, and then fall sound asleep.  I truly enjoyed photographing them with their sweet mommy and daddy.  It is going to be so much fun to watch them grow up together!  Aren't they simply adorable?!  I think so!  25 Comments on this blog post and I will gift this sweet family an 8x10 print!xoSharon Love what you see?!  Interested in booking a session of your own!?  Email me at I am so excited to hear from you and I look forward to booking a session with your beautiful family! 

{Simply Magic} by Sharon Neves Photography {Sonoma Photographer}
Saturday, January 21, 2017
Sweet Family of Four {Alamo Lifestyle Photographer}

2016 taught me about Magic. Faith, Hope, Love.In 2017, I hope to help you capture your {Simply Magic} moments. Magic is different for each of us. We all see it differently, and I capture the magic that I see with your loved ones. Sometimes we don't see the magic until we are outside of the age group or time in our life. BUT, that is the amazing thing about photography and images, they are frozen in time. Magic memories for you to treasure forever. So many have trusted me with their magic and for that I am truly blessed and grateful. I look forward to capturing your magic!  Lifestyle Photography is the direction that I have been taking my business for several years now.  I learned a great quote from an amazing Lifestyle Photographer and while it isn't her words, learning it from her is fitting and a perfect way to explain what {Simply Magic} sessions are.  "Lifestyle photography is photojournalism redefined.  It's candid, yet done so with some direction and styling - it has an approachable feel and a relaxed result."- Allan Zepeda This is exactly what 2017 {Simply Magic} Sessions will be.  Candid.  Relaxed.  Simple direction given.  Magic Captured.  In my mind its the perfect way to capture life. I hope that you enjoy seeing a glimpse at some of my favorite ways to capture your magical moments. xoSharon The ...

Guglielmi Newborn Lifestyle Session {Alamo Newborn Photographer}
Monday, June 20, 2016
Sweet Family of Four {Alamo Lifestyle Photographer}

Wow, just wow!  This family touched my heart and I am so excited that I had the pleasure of photographing their newest addition to their family!  Big brother stole my heart and he and I had SO much fun together!  He seriously was amazing and so much fun to photograph.  We danced, bowled, giggled a lot and gave lots of hugs and kisses.  One of the cutest big brothers I have ever met!  And his sweet baby brother was absolutely adorable!  Awake for most of the session, he just hung out and was happy to be snuggled up with mommy and eating.  One of the things I love most about my clients is that so many of them I have known (or my husband knows) from childhood.  Jen and I met in middle school and she went to the same high school as my sister!  So fun!  I can't wait to photograph this sweet family again in the future.  Enjoy a peek into all of our fun! If they receive 25 comments on this blog post, they will receive an 8x10 print as a gift from me!   xoSharon Love what you see?!  Want to book a Newborn Lifestyle Session of your own?!  Email me at  I am excited to book a session with your beautiful family!xoSharon