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Belle - 8th Grade Portraits {Sonoma Kids Photographer}
Sunday, May 03, 2020
Belle - 8th Grade Portraits {Sonoma Kids Photographer}

Photographing this beautiful girl was so much fun!  She and my oldest son were in kindergarten together!  Somehow they are 8th graders just about to finish up and head to high school!  It is truly a gift to watch someone grow!  Isn't she beautiful!  I am so excited to continue to watch her grow into highschool and beyond!Enjoy a peek into her session!  Thank goodness for some free time to be able to catch up on my blogging!25 Comments on this blog post and I will gift Belle's family an 8x10 print! xoSharon 

Brady - 8th Grade {Sonoma Kids Photographer}
Monday, May 21, 2018
Belle - 8th Grade Portraits {Sonoma Kids Photographer}

Congrats on your upcoming graduation from 8th Grade Brady!  I had such a fun time photographing you and have enjoyed watching you grow over the years!  Good luck in high school!  I can't wait to see all you achieve!25 Comments on this blog post and I will gift them an 8x10 print!xoSharon 

Inspire & Grow {Sonoma Kids Photographer}
Tuesday, March 22, 2016
Belle - 8th Grade Portraits {Sonoma Kids Photographer}

I believe that we all have the ability to inspire others and help others grow.  I think that in 5th and 8th grade, these sweet kiddos are at the top of their school, (for the most part) and so many younger kids are looking up to them! They have the chance to inspire others to make good decisions, to play sports, to be active in music, or other great arts.  After this year, they will promote to a new school, no longer at the top and in the position to learn and grow from others.  For some, 8th grade is the top of the school and there are even more kids that are younger that they can inspire.  Still so much growing to do.  Lots of change.  These sessions are such a great way to allow your 5th Grader or 8th Grader a chance to shine. This is all about them!  The not so posed, not so clean background like school pictures.  This is an opportunity to incorporate things they love (ie. sports they play, instruments they play, books they love, art and drawing, etc)  to really personalize the session!  A fun option to use as gifts for grandparents and family or to use with promotion/graduation announcements!!  Even more fun, this can be booked together with another friend or a group of friends and the fun of the session can be shared!  Click here to see full session details!  I can't wait to book a session with your ...