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Sweet Alamo Twin Family {Alamo Family Photographer}
Wednesday, May 15, 2019
Sweet Alamo Twin Family {Alamo Family Photographer}

How sweet is this amazing Alamo, California family?!  I photographed these amazingly adorable twins when they were just a few months old.  It is so much fun to see them at 2 years old!  They have grown up so much.  I adore their sweet little smiles, and their love for each other.  We ran around their yard capturing them in all their favorite places!  Enjoy a sneak peek into their session!  Thinking about booking a session for your family?!  Email me at info@sharonneves.com25 comments on this blog post and they will receive an 8x10 print from me as a gift!xoSharon 

The Guglielmi Family {Alamo Family Photographer}
Thursday, January 31, 2019
Sweet Alamo Twin Family {Alamo Family Photographer}

Families that I have the amazing opportunity to capture and photographer over the years is truly a gift to me.  I LOVE watching my clients grow up!  I love seeing them and the sweet kids knowing that we will have fun and we will shoot until they are done!  And when they are done, so am I!  These sweet boys have been in front of my camera for a few years now and they make me SMILE HUGE every time!  I hope they love their images as much as I do!  Thank you sweet Guglielmi Family for choosing to work with me year after year!25 comments on this blog post, and I will gift this sweet family a print of their choosing!xoSharon Have you booked your 2019 Family Session yet?!  Email me at to book yours today!  

{Simply Magic} by Sharon Neves Photography {Sonoma Photographer}
Saturday, January 21, 2017
Sweet Alamo Twin Family {Alamo Family Photographer}

2016 taught me about Magic. Faith, Hope, Love.In 2017, I hope to help you capture your {Simply Magic} moments. Magic is different for each of us. We all see it differently, and I capture the magic that I see with your loved ones. Sometimes we don't see the magic until we are outside of the age group or time in our life. BUT, that is the amazing thing about photography and images, they are frozen in time. Magic memories for you to treasure forever. So many have trusted me with their magic and for that I am truly blessed and grateful. I look forward to capturing your magic!  Lifestyle Photography is the direction that I have been taking my business for several years now.  I learned a great quote from an amazing Lifestyle Photographer and while it isn't her words, learning it from her is fitting and a perfect way to explain what {Simply Magic} sessions are.  "Lifestyle photography is photojournalism redefined.  It's candid, yet done so with some direction and styling - it has an approachable feel and a relaxed result."- Allan Zepeda This is exactly what 2017 {Simply Magic} Sessions will be.  Candid.  Relaxed.  Simple direction given.  Magic Captured.  In my mind its the perfect way to capture life. I hope that you enjoy seeing a glimpse at some of my favorite ways to capture your magical moments. xoSharon The ...