Sharon Neves Photography {Sonoma Family Photographer}
Five8Seven {Sonoma Photographer}
Monday, February 05, 2018
Five8Seven {Sonoma Photographer}

Pray. Encourage. Grow. Strength. Peace. Joy. These six words are a big part of the why behind Five8Seven.  The numbers 587 are quite special, they stand for all of those things written above.  They are in fact numbers that have quite a lot of meaning in them.  We have five kids.  Our last name backwards is Seven.  8 to me looks like the infinity symbol, which is how I would describe God's love for us.  The last reason, and the one that first brought me the idea of it is that 587 is my husband's star number.  Those six words describe him.  Who is he, what he stands for, and what his star stands for.  I pray each day, that Five8Seven can allow me to remember to pray, encourage others, grow, be strong, choose to find peace even in the chaos, and to choose joy.   You can follow along on my journey with Five8Seven at  I am excited for 2018 and I truly pray that in some way this can encourage you. xoSharon 

Sweet and Sassy - Shooting Wide Open {Sonoma Kids Photographer}
Thursday, February 01, 2018
Five8Seven {Sonoma Photographer}

I am excited to challenge myself this year.  To shoot differently.  To get my own family in front of my camera more.  I don't shoot wide open very often, as it just isn't my thing. An early morning impromptu session with our youngest daughter had me seeing the benefit of shooting wide open.  What is wide open you ask?  Wide open refers to the size of the lens aperture.  So I was shooting with a Canon 35L 1.4 so wide open for me was at 1.4.  Due to it being an overcast morning, having a wide aperture allowed me to let in the most light and to have awesome images of my daughter.  Most of the images in this blog are at 1.4!!  I am also super excited to be apart of a wonderful group of photographers this year called Life From This Lens.  Click on over to Jessica's website to check out her beautiful blog!Isn't her outfit adorable?!  Her jacket and shoes are from KidPik.  Her adorable Let it Shine shirt is from Chasing Grace.  Her leggings are LuLaRoe. Enjoy a peek into our fun! Sharon Jessica Lane Jordan PhotographyKelly Beth PhotographyAlicia Moss PhotographyTracy Lynn PhotographySharon Neves Photography 

Buttles Girls - Simply Kids {Sonoma Child Photographer}
Friday, January 19, 2018
Five8Seven {Sonoma Photographer}

I simply adore photographing these two.  Always filled with lots of giggles and fun!  Such sweet serious faces and absolutely amazing smiles.  Enjoy a sneak peek into their fun Sonoma Simply Kids session.  Short, sweet, and filled with love.25 comments on their blog post and I will gift them an 8x10 print! xoSharon